Friday, November 1, 2013


10/28/2013 OOTD

Brunch @ Waffle Window

Hawthorne District


House of Vintage: WARNING

    The Hawthorne District in Portland is one of my favorite spots to have a day of exploration or even serve as a spot to catch up with a friend. With it's many local coffee joints and vintage inspired eateries, it's the perfect avenue for "artsy" individuals like myself. And what better way to enjoy Hawthorne then to snap a few shots for a lookbook, am I right? The inspiration for my outfit was "London Punk", with a refined element to it. I stuck with simple tones of Maroon and Burgundy and balanced it out with black skinnies and nice pair of chunky creepers. I centered different pieces around my drop-shoulder burgundy speckled coat which was the focus of my outfit (the coat screams 80's London Punk). Also be sure to follow me on instagram for more consistent updates @ killahouston.

TOP: Paisley Print Shirt (ASOS)
JACKET: Drop-Shoulder Burgundy Speckled Coat (H&M)
BOTTOM: Black Skinny Pants (H&M)
SHOES: T.U.K. Creepers (Amazon)
RING: Dual Gold Chain Ring (H&M)
WATCH: Sekonda Gold Bracelet Watch (ASOS)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


10/7/2013 OOTD.

Deena & Ozzy Strappy Buckle Boots

TOP: Black Basic T-Shirt (H&M)
JACKET: Hounds-tooth Bomber Jacket (Thrifted)
BOTTOM: Black-Skinny Pants (H&M)
SHOES: Deena & Ozzy Strappy Buckle Boots (Urban Outfitters)
NECKLACE: Gold Chain Lion Medallion (eBay)
RING: Oil Slick Ring (Thrifted)
WATCH: Sekonda Gold Bracelet Watch 

Sunday, October 6, 2013



   I'm very sorry for the inconsistency with the posting guys! You could say that I've had a lot on my plate ever since the end of summer which resulted in me not having time for anything; including time for myself. I've decided to upload this outfit just for the sake of not posting. And I believe this outfit was from around mid August also? 

   I have to admit that I was still pretty obsessed with the whole sporty/jersey trend around this period of time and that was pretty much all I wore which was all bad admittedly. This outfit basically just focused on an all black concept but I decided to break it up with the ocean print button-down shirt to give the outfit some dimension.

   And I'll also try my best to post more consistently from now on. Well, at least twice a month would be my goal at this point. My next post will either be another outfit or a review on a recent pair of boots I've purchased so stay tuned y'all.

TOP: "78" Sporty Shirt (H&M)
WAISTCOAT: Oceanic Print Shirt (H&M)
BOTTOMS: Black Skinny-Fit Pants (H&M)
SHOES: Doc Martens 1460 Boot in Patent Leather
WATCH: Sekonda Gold Band Watch

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


7/23/2013 OOTD

   The inspiration for this outfit of mine was a combination between the ongoing sporty trend Alexander Wang has set as well as the islander/resort-wear look. I couldn't decide on just wearing one look so why not combine the two? 

   Because the tropical print shorts were black and white; it made mixing these two pieces much easier and projected a more refined look while mixing two different styles. I kept the entire look polished by just working with two colors and played around with different black and white pieces rather than a piece with just a solid color.

TOP: "25" Jersey Shirt (Forever 21)
BOTTOMS: Tropical Print Beach Shorts (H&M)
SHOES: Retro Nike Blazers
NECKLACE: Silver Plate Necklace (H&M)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013



   Sorry about not posting as much lately guys! I've been quite busy ever since I got a job at H&M as a Part-Time Sales Adviser and it's literally been lots of paperwork signing and reading/learning the H&M system to the point where it fills up a very large amount of my time. However, I am back at least right? So as a gift for you guys, here's an outfit post. Before I forget to mention this, I'll be posting a piece on the Clubmaster frame glasses/sunglasses soon so stay tuned for that!

TOP: Floral Skull T-Shirt (H&M)
BOTTOMS: Safari Print Shorts (H&M)
SHOES: Doc Martens 1460 Boot in Patent Leather
WATCH: Retro Casio Wrist-Watch
RING: Triple Skull Ring (eBay)

Monday, July 1, 2013

WHAT TO WEAR: Upscale Retailer Interview

OOTD/Interview Outfit

   H&M has always been one of my favorite retailers and to be able to work there would be such a great opportunity for myself. I was lucky enough to snatch up an interview today with the Department Manager and although I was stoked for the interview, I was anticipating my outfit much more. This outfit I've created is ideally for an upscale retailer such as H&M, Topman or Zara. When it comes to an interview at a retailer such as H&M, many of the gentlemen will tend to gear towards a really basic three-piece suit; which may make you appear bland to the interviewer. It is important to showcase your own personal style and creativity when putting together an outfit for such an interview; do not ever put yourself in a mold but instead break it and interpret things in your own way. 

   Mix up a basic button-down shirt with something that bears a subtle print such as the white Aztec print piece I've shown above. Us guys have to admit that traditional trouser pants can give quite the wedgie and also aren't the most comfortable pair of pants to be in either. Instead, switch it up with a comfortable slim-fitting pair of colored pants that contrast with your button-down. And of course, refine your look with a simple linen blazer which is a summer must-have outerwear piece. The linen material gives a lighter feel to the typically heavy feeling blazer which is why it is a must have piece to any man's wardrobe for this Spring/Summer season. 

   I kept the accessorizing to a minimal and used simple pieces such as the two-layer triangle pendant and tiger ring to add a personal flair. Stay dapper and always wear a watch also; it's a gentlemen's code. Another important note to consider is to smell good! Believe it or not, the way you smell does affect the interviewer's perception. Wear a sophisticated masculine scent that isn't overwhelming such as Dolce & Gabbana's "The One" which carries base notes of ambergris, tobacco and cedar wood.

   Remember that upscale retailers are heavily fashion forward and while as classic as a three-piece suit may be, such places want to see individuality and your own personal fashion sense. Dress casually, funky, rocker or whatever you may prefer but be sure to add a level of refinement to it as well. Fashion is about innovation and breaking molds, so showcase that during your interview with your own "casual-formal attire."

TOP: Aztect Print Button-Down from H&M
OUTERWEAR: Linen Blazer from H&M
BOTTOMS: Slim-Fit Pants from H&M
SHOES: Classic Black Dress Shoes from Nordstroms (John Varvatos)
GLASSES: Retro Tortoise Shell Clubmaster from Nordstroms (Clear Frames)
NECKLACE: Two-Layer Triangle Pendant from H&M
RING: Gold Tiger Ring from Loveculture
WATCH: Gold Leather Wrist Watch from Target